TRISTAN I (1991)

The very first edition took place June 5-11, 1991, in Montréal and the City of Québec, Canada.

TRISTAN was born of the need identified by several researchers in the late 1980's for a high-level international conference on Operations Research in Transportation.

Simultaneously, the Centre for Research on Transportation (C.R.T., now CIRRELT) was involved in the organization of workshops, mainly with colleagues in France and Italy, which were focussed on particular topics within the field, and which indicated a great potential interest and success for an international conference reaching the community broadly.

The discussions crystallized at the EURO conference in Paris in 1988. The name was selected during the conference dinner at the Lutetia Hotel. It was inspired by the ISOLDE (International Symposium on Locational Decisions) series of conferences to which many of us were participating, and the C.R.T. proposed to host the first edition. The rest, as they say, is history and it is reflected in this web site.

We take this opportunity to identify some of the people who were involved, in some way or another, to the creation of TRISTAN (and present our most sincere excuses to those we miss): Teodor Gabriel Crainic, Warren Powell, Martine Labbé, Gilbert Laporte, Pierre Dejax, Michel Gendreau, Marius Solomon (we miss you, Marius), Martin Desrochers (we miss you, Martin), Mark Daskin.

Conference Chairmen

Teodor Gabriel Crainic
Centre de recherche sur les transports (C.R.T., now CIRRELT) and Université du Québec à Montréal
Warren B. Powell
Princeton University

Organizing Committee

Teodor Gabriel Crainic Martin Desrochers Michel Gendreau
Carole Laflamme Gilbert Laporte Clairette Simard

Program Committee

Michael O. Ball
University of Maryland
Marshall Fisher
University of Pennsylvania
Jan Karel Lenstra
Eindhoven University of Technology
Alex Belenky
USSR Academy of Science
Terry L. Friesz
George Mason University
Thomas L. Magnanti
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Carlos Daganzo
University of California at Berkeley
Giorgio Gallo
University of Pisa
Amedeo R. Odoni
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mark S. Daskin
Northwestern University
Patrick T. Harker
University of Pennsylvania
H. Donald Ratliff
Georgia Institute of Technology
Jacques Desrosiers
Centre de recherche sur les
transports (C.R.T.) and GERAD
Alexander H.G. Rinnooy Kan
Erasmus University
Werner Rothengatter
Universitlit Karlsruhe
Awi Federgruen
Columbia University
Martine Labbe
Erasmus University
Jean-Marc Rousseau
Centre de recherche sur les transports (C.R.T.)
J. Enrique Fernandez
Catholic University of Chile
Gilbert Laporte
Centre de recherche sur les. transports (C.R.T.) and GERAD
François Soumis
Centre de recherche sur les. transports (C.R.T.) and GERAD


Complete Program (PDF) – (6 MB)