The Triennial Symposium on Transportation Analysis, TRISTAN, is an international scientific conference that provides a high-quality forum for the presentation of innovative and thought-provoking models, methodologies, and applications in Transportation Science, mainly Operations Research-based (including analytics and simulation).

A complementary objective of TRISTAN is to provide an agora for high-spirited and broad exchange of ideas, reflections, and discussions on the topics and areas of interest and, thus, to foster scientific and social networking and international cooperation.

The scope of TRISTAN is wide, covering both people and freight transportation and logistics, by all modes, at all geographical extensions and planning-operation levels. The TRISTAN conferences aim to gather top research scientists from universities and research institutes from all over the world along with scientific participants from the private sectors and public agencies, as well as graduate students.

The first TRISTAN was held in 1991 in Montreal and Quebec City, Canada.

Past locations include: