TRISTAN V (2004)

The fifth edition took place June 13-18, 2004, in Le Gosier, Guadeloupe, France.

Conference Co-Chairmen

Arnaud Fréville, Michel Gendreau, Frédéric Semet

Scientific Committee

Anant Balaskrishnan
Michael O. Ball
Jaime Barcelo
Cynthia Barnhart
John Beasley
Moshe Ben-Akiva
David Boyce
Roberto Cominetti
Angel Corberan
Teodor Crainic
Jacques Desrosiers
Michael Florian
Geir Hasle
Kap Hwan Kim
Martine Labbé
Gilbert Laporte
Jean-Philippe Lebacque
Jean-Baptiste Lesort
Janny Leung
Oli B.G. Madsen
Hani Mahmassani
Amedeo Odoni
Jose Paixão
Stefano Pallottino
Michael Patriksson
Warren B. Powell
Martin Salvesbergh
Marius M. Solomon
François Soumis
Maria Grazia Speranza
Philippe Toint
Garrett van Ryzin
Athanasios Ziliaskopoulos

Plenary speakers

Daniel Gauyacq (SNCF)
Patrick Jaillet (MIT)
Paolo Toth (University of Bologna)


The original conference web site is available here, complete with the program and all abstracts.

Photo Gallery

Michael Patricksson has put online a gallery of pictures taken during the event :