30th TRISTAN Anniversary - Share your Souvenirs !!

30th TRISTAN Anniversary - Share your Souvenirs !!


Dear colleagues and fellow TRISTAN members,

We will celebrate the 30th anniversary of TRISTAN during our XIth meeting, which will take place June 19-26, 2022, on the Island of Mauritius.

We are putting together a collection of images, as well as anecdotes, recollections, and thoughts, which will be shown during the conference, and we are turning to you for input and to spread this message to all interested people you know.

Please take a few minutes of your time and help us organize the celebration of this amazing series of conferences! Please share your pictures, text, or anything useful by sending them to tristansymposium@gmail.com or tristan2022@univ-eiffel.fr.

Thank you very much!

TRISTAN 30th Anniversary Committee