News: TRISTAN 2025

Seeking Expressions of Interest for TRISTAN 2025


From the beginning, we were convinced that, other than high-quality science, a great location and social program are essential ingredients for a successful congress such as TRISTAN. They cannot make up for shortcomings in science, which will kill any series of conferences pretending to be top notch, but transform a top-notch congress into an unforgettable event.

Traditionally, TRISTAN is held on an island. “Island”, in the broadest sense. The first TRISTAN was held in Montreal, a city on an island on the St Laurence River. The “island” of Manhattan was proposed. And, by a stretch of imagination and to account for the winter conditions on the Chilean sea shore, we held TRISTAN VII on an island of civilization and greenery within the desert of the Atacama plateau.

TRISTAN is to be organized by a group of people acknowledged within the community. With respect to location, this also translates into a desire to move the conference around the world where there are important or emerging groups of researchers in Transportation Science.

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