Following the tradition, the fifth TRISTAN conference will be held in Guadeloupe, the butterfly-shaped island in the French West Indies.

Conference Information

Following the tradition, the fifth TRISTAN conference will be held in Guadeloupe, the butterfly-shaped island in the French West Indies.

  • Scope
  • Main Subjects
  • Plenary Speakers
  • Conference Co-chairs
  • International Scientific Committee

  • Scope

    The aim of the conference is to provide a high quality forum for the presentation of results, exchange of ideas, scientific discussion on methodologies, computational issues and advanced applications in the area of transportation science. We are looking for both theoretical and experimental papers concerning either methodological advancements, computational developments or significant applications in transportation and logistics.

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    Main subjects

    1. ITS and Advanced Technologies
      Advanced Traffic Management Systems
      ITS and Advanced Technologies
      Real Time Operations and Control of Transportation Networks
    1. Logistics and Transportation
      Location Logistics Network Design
      Vehicle Routing and Crew Scheduling
    1. Modal Transportation
      Air Transportation
      Freight Transportation
      Public Transportation
      Rail Transportation
    1. Network Assignment and Related Topics
      Network Assignment
      Transport Economics and Pricing
      Urban Transportation Planning Models

    Only a limited number of presentations are planned and a policy of "a different speaker for each presentation" will be strictly enforced. This policy will allow discussions during and after the presentations and encourage an active participation, which is not possible at larger conferences. An important goal of the conference should be not only to know what others do, but to foster new collaborations and joint projects. We, therefore, encourage the presentation of ongoing projects and recent results. Moreover, the conference is intended as a forum for exchange of experience and results from practical projects, development of models, algorithms, and implementation of software.

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    Plenary speakers

    Daniel Gauyacq (SNCF)
    Patrick Jaillet (MIT)
    Paolo Toth (University of Bologna)

    Conference co-chairs

    Arnaud Fréville, Michel Gendreau, Frédéric Semet

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    International Scientific Committee

    Anant Balaskrishnan
    Michael O. Ball
    Jaime Barcelo
    Cynthia Barnhart
    John Beasley
    Moshe Ben-Akiva
    David Boyce
    Roberto Cominetti
    Angel Corberan
    Teodor Crainic
    Jacques Desrosiers
    Michael Florian
    Geir Hasle
    Kap Hwan Kim
    Martine Labbé
    Gilbert Laporte
    Jean-Philippe Lebacque
    Jean-Baptiste Lesort
    Janny Leung
    Oli B.G. Madsen
    Hani Mahmassani
    Amedeo Odoni
    Jose Paixão
    Stefano Pallottino
    Michael Patriksson
    Warren B. Powell
    Martin Salvesbergh
    Marius M. Solomon
    François Soumis
    Maria Grazia Speranza
    Philippe Toint
    Garrett van Ryzin
    Athanasios Ziliaskopoulos

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