Following the tradition, the fifth TRISTAN conference will be held in Guadeloupe, the butterfly-shaped island in the French West Indies.

Conference Programme

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June 14
June 15
June 17
June 18
8:30 AM Opening Session
9:00 AM
MA1 Maritime Transportation
MA2 Trafic Equilibrium 1
MA3 Freight Assignment
TA1 Stochastic routing
TA2 Trafic Equilibrium 2
TA3 Airport Scheduling
HA1 Heuristics for VRP 2
HA2 Transportation Economics
HA3 Intermodal & Container Transportation
FA1 Collaborative Logistics
FA2 Data Collection Issues and ITS
FA3 Shortest Path
10:30 AM Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:00 AM
MB1 Heuristics for VRP 1
MB2 Dynamic Traffic Assignment
MB3 Airline Planning
TB1 B&C Algorithms for Routing Problems
TB2 Heuristics for Pricing
TB3 Supply Chain Management
HB1 Special Routing Problems
HB2 Demand Modelling
HB3 Rail and Truck Transportation
FB1 Real-Time Routing
FB2 Traffic Simulation
FB3 Pricing
1:00 PM Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2:30 PM Plenary Session : Paolo Toth Plenary Session : Daniel Gauyacq Plenary Session : Patrick Jaillet
FC1 Roundtable:
Stochastics in Transportation Science
FC2 Trafic Equilibrium 3
FC3 Hazardous Material
4:00 PM
MC1 Column Generation Applications
MC2 Ramp Metering
MC3 Network Design
TC1 Inventory Management
TC2 Traffic Flow Models
TC3 Air Transportation
HC1 Dynamic Flows
HC2 Travel Time Estimation
HC3 Transit Modeling
5:30 PM