10-15 June 2007    Phuket Island, Thailand

TRISTAN VI: Program of the conference

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DateConference Program
Monday 06/11
Monday 06/11
08:30 - 09:00
Welcome and Introduction
Monday 06/11
09:00 - 10:30
Parallel session 1A: Road pricing I
Room: Kata

Congestion Pricing: Gaining Public Acceptance
Speaker: Siriphong Lawphongpanich
Authors: Lawphongpanich, Yin, Hearn

Optimal Toll Design From Reliability Perspective
Speaker: Hao Li
Authors: Li, Bliemer, Bovy

Heterogeneous Users and Variable Road Pricing: Model and Algorithm for the Bi-criterion Dynamic User Equilibrium Problem On Large Networks
Speaker: Hani Mahmassani
Authors: Lu, Mahmassani
Parallel session 1B: Routing I
Room: Kamala

A Large Neighborhood Search Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Speaker: Louis-martin Rousseau
Authors: Desaulniers, Prescott-gagnon, Rousseau

A Robust Optimization Approach to Dispatching Technicians Under Stochastic Service Times
Speaker: Cristian Cortés
Authors: Cortés, Ordóñez, Souyris, Weintraub

A Multi-restart Deterministic Annealing Metaheuristic for the Fleet Size and Mix Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Speaker: Geir Hasle
Authors: Hasle, Braysy, Dullaert, Mester, Gendreau
Parallel session 1C: Railway optimization
Room: Nai Harn

Rail Crew Re-scheduling: From Planning Towards Operations
Speaker: Daniel Potthoff
Authors: Potthoff, Huisman

Multi-carrier Train Scheduling for Freight Transport
Speaker: April Kuo
Authors: Kuo, Miller-hooks

Approximate Dynamic Programming In Rail Operations
Speaker: Warren Powell
Authors: Powell, Bouzaiene-ayari
Monday 06/11
10:30 - 11:00
Coffee break
Monday 06/11
11:00 - 12:00

Hybrid Choice Models: From Static to Dynamic - Moshe Ben-akiva
Monday 06/11
12:00 - 14:50
Monday 06/11
14:50 - 15:50
Parallel session 3A: Pedestrian flow models
Room: Kata

Delays, Variation and Anticipation In Walker Models
Speaker: Winnie Daamen
Authors: Daamen, Hoogendoorn, Campanella, Bovy

Map-based Autonomous Personal Localisation and Tracking
Speaker: Michel Bierlaire
Authors: Spassov, Bierlaire, Merminod
Parallel session 3B: Routing applications
Room: Kamala

An Effective Heuristic for Ready Mixed Concrete Delivery
Speaker: Verena Schmid
Authors: Schmid, Doerner, Hartl, Savelsbergh, Stoecher

Column Generation for a Real World Vehicle Routing Problem
Speaker: Alberto Ceselli
Authors: Ceselli, Righini, Salani
Parallel session 3C: Discrete choice models I
Room: Nai Harn

Mode and Carrier Choice In the Quebec City - Windsor Corridor: a Random Parameters Approach
Speaker: Zachary Patterson
Authors: Patterson, Ewing, Haider

Modeling Residential Mobility and Spatial Search Behaviour: Evidences From Greater Toronto Area
Speaker: Muhammad Habib
Authors: Habib, Miller
Monday 06/11
15:50 - 16:00
Short break
Monday 06/11
16:00 - 17:00
Parallel session 4A: Network design
Room: Kata

Stochastic Service Network Design: a Deterministic Primal Heuristic
Speaker: Stein W. Wallace
Authors: Wallace, Crainic, Lium, Kaut

Introducing Asset Management to Capacitated Multicommodity Network Design
Speaker: Marielle Christiansen
Authors: Andersen, Crainic, Christiansen
Parallel session 4B: Dynamic routing
Room: Kamala

Short Term Strategies for a Dynamic Multi-period Routing Problem
Speaker: Enrico Angelelli
Authors: Mansini, Speranza, Angelelli, Bianchessi

Dynamic Vehicle Routing Systems - Survey and Classifications
Speaker: Oli B G Madsen
Authors: Madsen, Larsen, Solomon
Parallel session 4C: Route Choice I
Room: Nai Harn

On Numerically Solving Continuous Space Dynamic Route Choice Problems
Speaker: Serge Hoogendoorn
Authors: Hoogendoorn, Daamen, Campanella

Trip-based Route Choice Models - a Method to Eliminate Aggregation Bias In Activity-based Models
Speaker: Otto Anker Nielsen
Authors: Nielsen
Monday 06/11
17:00 - 17:30
Coffee break
Monday 06/11
17:30 - 19:00
Parallel session 5A: Congestion and spillback models
Room: Kata

An Analytic Finite Capacity Queueing Network Model Capturing Congestion and Spillbacks
Speaker: Carolina Osorio
Authors: Osorio, Bierlaire

The Need Of Spillback Simulation In Assessing Robustness: Concepts and a Case Study with Dynamic Route Choice
Speaker: Victor Knoop
Authors: Knoop, Hoogendoorn

Queueing Models Revisted: Analysis Of Vehicular Delays and Queues Using Adaptive Control at Intersections and Ramps
Speaker: Pitu Mirchandani
Authors: Mirchandani, Zou
Parallel session 5B: Inventory I
Room: Kamala

A Multi-item Transportation Problem By Capacitated Vehicles with a Joint Set-up Cost
Speaker: Shoshana Anily
Authors: Anily, Tzur, Wolsey

Formulations, Bounds and Heuristic Methods for a Multi-echelon Location-distribution Problem
Speaker: Bernard Gendron
Authors: Gendron, Semet

Planning a Distribution Chain - a Case From the Swedish Pulp Industry
Speaker: Henrik Andersson
Authors: Andersson
Parallel session 5C: Origin-destination flow estimation
Room: Nai Harn

Handling Inconsistency Of Traffic Counts In Path Flow Estimator
Speaker: Anthony Chen
Authors: Chen, Chootinan

A Continuously Differentiable Optimization Approach for the Equilibrium-based Origin-destination Matrix Estimation Problem
Speaker: Qiang Meng
Authors: Meng, Yang

Investigating the Reliability Of the O-d Matrix Correction Procedure Using Traffic Counts
Speaker: Vittorio Marzano
Authors: Marzano, Papola, Simonelli
Tuesday 06/12
Tuesday 06/12
09:00 - 10:30
Parallel session 6A: Hazardous material transportation
Room: Kata

A Bi-level Network Flow Model for Planning Hazmat Shipments
Speaker: Stefano Giordani
Authors: Bianco, Caramia, Giordani

An Exact Algorithm for a Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows and Multiple Use Of Vehicles
Speaker: Michel Gendreau
Authors: Gendreau, Azi, Potvin

A Lead-time Based Approach for Planning Rail-truck Intermodal Transportation Of Dangerous Goods
Speaker: Vedat Verter
Authors: Verter, Verma
Parallel session 6B: Routing II
Room: Kamala

Network Design, Scheduling and Deployment Planning In Shipping Applications
Speaker: Martin W. Andersen
Authors: Andersen

An Optimization-based Heuristic for the Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem
Speaker: Claudia Archetti
Authors: Archetti, Savelsbergh, Speranza

A Metaheuristic Approach for the Operational Planning Of Freight Intermodal Transportation
Speaker: Silvia Siri
Authors: Siri, Sacone, Paolucci, Anghinolfi
Parallel session 6C: Route Choice II
Room: Nai Harn

Stochastic Path Generation Algorithm for Route Choice Models
Speaker: Emma Frejinger
Authors: Frejinger, Bierlaire

Estimation Of a Route Choice Model with Congestion and Congestion Charging Explicitly Described
Speaker: Jeppe Rich
Authors: Rich, Mabit, Nielsen

Some Properties and Implications Of Stochastically Generated Route Choice Sets
Speaker: Piet Bovy
Authors: Bliemer, Bovy, Li
Tuesday 06/12
10:30 - 11:00
Coffee break
Tuesday 06/12
11:00 - 12:00

Scheduling On-demand Air Transpotation - George Nemhauser
Tuesday 06/12
12:00 - 14:50
Tuesday 06/12
14:50 - 15:50
Parallel session 8A: Online routing
Room: Kata

New Competitive Ratios for Generalized Online Routing
Speaker: Michael Wagner
Authors: Wagner, Jaillet

Online Routing with Nonlinear Disutility Functions In Networks with Markovian Arc Costs
Speaker: S. Travis Waller
Authors: Boyles, Waller
Parallel session 8B: Collaborative Logistic
Room: Kamala

A Column Generation Approach for the Door Assignment In Ltl-terminals
Speaker: Annette Chmielewski
Authors: Chmielewski

Collaborative Planning In a Log Truck Pickup and Delivery Problem
Speaker: Sophie D'amours
Authors: Audy, D'amours, Rousseau
Parallel session 8C: Airline optimization
Room: Nai Harn

Airline Disruptions: Aircraft Recovery with Maintenance Constraints
Speaker: Niklaus Eggenberg
Authors: Eggenberg, Bierlaire, Salani

Robust and Dynamic Airline Scheduling
Speaker: Cynthia Barnhart
Authors: Barnhart, Marla
Tuesday 06/12
15:50 - 16:00
Short break
Tuesday 06/12
16:00 - 17:00
Parallel session 9A: Cost and pricing analysis
Room: Kata

Cost Allocation Principles In Transportation
Speaker: Mikael Rönnqvist
Authors: Ronnqvist, Gothe-lundgren, Jornsten, Frisk

Pricing and Scheduling Strategies for Carriers and Shippers In Sequential Transportation Auctions
Speaker: Martijn Mes
Authors: Mes, Van Der Heijden
Parallel session 9B: Inventory routing I
Room: Kamala

Inventory Routing Problem for the Lng Business
Speaker: Roar Grønhaug
Authors: Gronhaug, Christiansen, Desaulniers, Desrosiers

Multi-item Inventory Routing Problem for Ship Distribution Of Liquid Oil Bulk Products
Speaker: Ricardo Giesen
Authors: Giesen, Munoz, Silva, Leva
Parallel session 9C: Discrete choice models II
Room: Nai Harn

Implementation Of Model for Departure Time Choice
Speaker: Ida Kristoffersson
Authors: Kristoffersson

Model Of Weekly Working Participation for a Belgian Synthetic Population
Speaker: Philippe Toint
Authors: Cirillo, Cornelis, Toint
Tuesday 06/12
17:00 - 17:30
Coffee break
Tuesday 06/12
17:30 - 19:00
Parallel session 10A: Traffic prediction and assignment
Room: Kata

A Method Real-time Short and Long-term Traffic Prediction
Speaker: Laura Wynter
Authors: Wynter, Amemiya, Min

Dynamic Queuing and Spillback In an Analytical Multiclass Dynamic Network Loading Model
Speaker: Michiel Bliemer
Authors: Bliemer

A Multi-agent Approach to Dynamic Traffic Assignment Based On Activity
Speaker: Tai-yu Ma
Authors: Ma, Lebacque
Parallel session 10B: TSP variants
Room: Kamala

Heuristic Algorithms for the Robust Traveling Salesman Problem with Interval Data
Speaker: Roberto Montemanni
Authors: Montemanni, Barta, Mastrolilli, Gambardella

Exact and Heuristic Approaches to the Double Tsp with Multiple Stacks
Speaker: Hanne L. Petersen
Authors: Petersen

The Capacitated Team Orienteering and Profitable Tour Problems
Speaker: M. Grazia Speranza
Authors: Speranza, Archetti, Hertz, Feillet
Parallel session 10C: Models and algorithms
Room: Nai Harn

A Fluid Model for the Anticipatory Route Guidance
Speaker: Georgia Perakis
Authors: Kachani, Bottom, Perakis

Nonlinear Global Optimization with Application to Discrete Choice Models Estimation
Speaker: Michaël Thémans
Authors: Thémans, Bierlaire, Zufferey

The Highway Problem: Models, Complexity and Valid Inequalities
Speaker: Martine Labbé
Authors: Heilporn, Labbé, Marcotte, Savard
Wednesday 06/13 - Sightseeing
Thursday 06/14
Thursday 06/14
09:00 - 10:00
Parallel session 11A: Road pricing II
Room: Kata

A Computable Theory Of Dynamic Congestion Pricing
Speaker: Andy Chow
Authors: Friesz, Kwon, Chow, Heydecker

A Tabu Search Algorithm for a Pricing Problem On a Transportation Network
Speaker: Luce Brotcorne
Authors: Brotcorne, Cirinei, Marcotte, Savard
Parallel session 11B: Stochastic Routing
Room: Kamala

Robust Duration-constrained Tours for Vehicle Routing Problems with Stochastic Demands
Speaker: Alan Erera
Authors: Erera, Morales, Savelsbergh

A Pickup-and-delivery Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands
Speaker: Juan Jose Salazar Gonzalez
Authors: Louveaux, Gonzalez
Parallel session 11C: Airline modeling and optimization
Room: Nai Harn

The Greenland Air Transport Model System - a Joint Transport Modelling and Optimisation Problem
Speaker: Mette Knudsen
Authors: Nielsen, Rich, Knudsen, Frederiksen

Using Optimization and Queuing Models to Estimate Long-term Average Flight Delays and Cancellation Rates
Speaker: Michael Ball
Authors: Ball, Mukherjee, Lovell, Churchill, Odoni
Thursday 06/14
10:00 - 10:30
Coffee break
Thursday 06/14
10:30 - 11:30

Route Choice Set Generation: a Preliminary Synthesis - Piet H. L. Bovy
Thursday 06/14
11:30 - 12:00
Thursday 06/14
12:00 - 14:50
Thursday 06/14
14:50 - 15:50
Parallel session 13A: Dynamic pricing
Room: Kata

New Methods to Compute Dynamic Bid-prices In Network Revenue Management
Speaker: Topaloglu Huseyin
Authors: Topaloglu, Kunnumkal

Dynamic Pricing with Buyer Learning
Speaker: Anton Kleywegt
Authors: Kleywegt
Parallel session 13B: Ship scheduling
Room: Kamala

Approximate Column Generation for some Ship Scheduling Problems
Speaker: Bjørn Nygreen
Authors: Nygreen, Bronmo, Lysgaard

A Tabu Search Heuristic for Ship Scheduling Problems
Speaker: Jarl Eirik Korsvik
Authors: Korsvik, Fagerholt, Laporte
Parallel session 13C: Signal traffic control
Room: Nai Harn

A Quadratic-programming Approach for the Signal Control Problem In Large-scale Congested Urban Road Networks
Speaker: Konstantinos Aboudolas
Authors: Aboudolas, Papageorgiou, Kosmatopoulos

Strategies for Signal Traffic Control and Dynamic Traffic Modelling
Speaker: Maurizio Bielli
Authors: Bielli, Fusco, Genitle, Meschini, Felici, Cipriani, Gori, Nigro
Thursday 06/14
15:50 - 16:00
Short break
Thursday 06/14
16:00 - 17:00
Parallel session 14A: Traffic flow models and applications
Room: Kata

Applications Of Vehicular Traffic Theory to Blood Rheology
Speaker: Soulaymane Kachani
Authors: Kachani, Shmatov, Weinberger

Continuum Traffic Flow Modelling Inside the Mont Blanc Tunnel
Speaker: Vincent Henn
Authors: Henn, Lesort
Parallel session 14B: Maritime optimization
Room: Kamala

Ship Routing and Scheduling with Inventory and Stowage Constraints
Speaker: Kjetil Fagerholt
Authors: Christiansen, Fagerholt, Haugen, Lund

An Optimization Model for Empty Container Reposition Under Uncertainty
Speaker: Teodor Gabriel Crainic
Authors: Crainic, Di Francesco, Zuddas
Parallel session 14C: Intelligent transportation systems
Room: Nai Harn

Decentralized Algorithms for Multiple Path Routing In Urban Transportation Network
Speaker: Ludovica Adacher
Authors: Flamini, Adacher, Nicosia

A Model for New Data - Using Air Borne Traffic Flow Measurement for Traffic Forecast
Speaker: Martin Ruhé
Authors: Ruhé, Kuhne, Hipp
Thursday 06/14
17:00 - 17:30
Coffee break
Thursday 06/14
17:30 - 18:30
Parallel session 15A: Railways timetabling
Room: Kata

Effects Of Flexible Timetables In Real-time Scheduling Of Rail Operations
Speaker: Dario Pacciarelli
Authors: Pacciarelli, D'ariano, Pranzo

Optimising Timetable Syncronisation for Mass Transit Railways
Speaker: Janny Leung
Authors: Leung, Wong, Yuen, Fung
Parallel session 15B: Port scheduling
Room: Kamala

An Approximation Algorithm for Quay Crane Scheduling with Non-interference Constraints In Port Container Terminals
Speaker: Der-horng Lee
Authors: Lee, Wang, Miao

Barge Rotation Planning and Quay Scheduling In the Port Of Rotterdam
Speaker: Albert Douma
Authors: Douma, Schuur
Parallel session 15C: Models and algorithms
Room: Nai Harn

Designing Mechanisms for Sustainable Carrier Alliances In Transportation Networks
Speaker: Richa Agarwal
Authors: Ergun, Agarwal

Forecasting Freight Demand at Intermodal Terminals Using Neural Networks - an Integrated Framework
Speaker: Ioana-codrutsa Bilegan
Authors: Bilegan, Crainic, Gendreau
Friday 06/15
Friday 06/15
09:00 - 10:30
Parallel session 16A: Traffic equilibrium and assignment I
Room: Kata

Schedule-based Transit Assignment Model with Travel Strategies and Capacity Constraints
Speaker: Younes Hamdouch
Authors: Hamdouch, Lawphongpanich

Assignment Over a Transit Corridor Considering Congestion
Speaker: Juan Carlos Munoz
Authors: Munoz, Larrain

Stochastic Network Equilibrium Model Under Uncertain Demand
Speaker: Shoichiro Nakayama
Authors: Nakayama
Parallel session 16B: Stochastic traffic models
Room: Kamala

Predictions Of Urban Flow Volumes and Incident Detection
Speaker: Tom Thomas
Authors: Thomas, Van Berkum

Parking Search Model
Speaker: Stefano Carrese
Authors: Beltran, Carrese, Negrenti

Probabilistic Models for Travel Time
Speaker: Francesco Viti
Authors: Van Zuylen
Parallel session 16C: Flexible and responsive transportation systems
Room: Nai Harn

Patient Transportation - Dynamic Dial-a-ride and Emergency Transportation Problems
Speaker: Karl Doerner
Authors: Kiechle, Doerner, Gendreau, Hartl

Towards Designing Flexible Transportation Systems
Speaker: Fausto Errico
Authors: Errico, Crainic, Malucelli, Nonato

Hybrid Predictive Control Strategy for a Public Transport System with Uncertain Demand
Speaker: Doris Saez
Authors: Cortés, Saez D., Saez A., Núñez, Tirachini
Friday 06/15
10:30 - 11:00
Coffee break
Friday 06/15
11:00 - 12:30
Parallel session 17A: Traffic equilibrium and assignment II
Room: Kata

Traffic Assignment By Paired Alternative Segments
Speaker: Hillel Bar-gera
Authors: Bar-gera

Existence, Uniqueness and Stability Of Equilibrium In Dynamic Traffic Networks
Speaker: Richard Mounce
Authors: Mounce

Wardrop's Equilibrium Assignment Scheme Without Traffic Volume for Estimating Link Travel Time
Speaker: Takamasa Iryo
Authors: Iryo, Sumalee
Parallel session 17B: Inventory routing II
Room: Kamala

Vendor-managed Inventory Policies for an Integrated Production-distribution System
Speaker: Luca Bertazzi
Authors: Bertazzi, Archetti, Paletta, Speranza

Scenario Tree Based Heuristics for Stochastic Inventory Routing Problems
Speaker: Arne Løkketangen
Authors: Hvattum, Lokketangen, Laporte

Inventory Routing Problem Solved By Heuristic Based On Column Generation
Speaker: Sophie Michel
Authors: Michel, Vanderbeck
Parallel session 17C: Models and algorithms
Room: Nai Harn

Use Of a Relational Reinforcement Learning Algorithm to Generate Dynamic Activity-travel Patterns
Speaker: Marlies Vanhulsel
Authors: Vanhulsel, Wets, Janssens

How Does a Ride Point System Differ From Fare Reduction In Ridership Of Public Transportation? ~an Empirical Analysis Of the Mental Accounting Theory~
Speaker: Takayuki Morikawa
Authors: Sato, Morikawa, Kurauchi

New Resolution Approaches for the Sensor Location Problem
Speaker: Monica Gentili
Authors: Gentili, Bianco, Cerulli
Friday 06/15
12:30 - 14:30
Friday 06/15
14:30 - 16:00
Parallel session 18A: Traffic equilibrium and assignment III
Room: Kata

Adaptive Traffic Assignment In Stochastic Dynamic Networks
Speaker: Song Gao
Authors: Gao

On the Existence and Uniqueness Of Dynamic Equilibrium In Bottleneck Models
Speaker: Gitakrishnan Ramadurai
Authors: Ukkusuri, Ramadurai

Comparison Of Assignment Methods for Simulation-based Dynamic-equilibrium Traffic Assignment
Speaker: Michael Mahut
Authors: Mahut, Florian, Tremblay
Parallel session 18B: Routing and scheduling
Room: Kamala

The Truckload Trip Scheduling Problem
Speaker: Martin Savelsbergh
Authors: Savelsbergh, Archetti

Dynamics Of the Multi-depot Pickup and Delivery Problem
Speaker: Thomas Huth
Authors: Huth, Mattfeld

Truckload Continuous Move Optimization
Speaker: Yossiri Adulyasak
Authors: Lohatepanont, Adulyasak
Parallel session 18C: Models and algorithms
Room: Nai Harn

A Poverty Impact Road Planning Model
Speaker: Allison Taylor
Authors: Taylor, Petersen

Assessment Of Traffic and Emissions Impacts, for Determining Future Infrastructure In a Metropolitan Street Network: a Real Application In Mexico City
Speaker: Angelica Lozano
Authors: Lozano, Antun, Granados
Friday 06/15
16:00 - 16:30
Coffee break
Friday 06/15
16:30 - 17:30
Parallel session 19A:
Room: Kata
Parallel session 19B: Tabu search approaches for routing and scheduling
Room: Kamala

Tabu Search Based Solution Methods for Scheduling Log-trucks
Speaker: Patrick Hirsch
Authors: Hirsch, Gronalt

A Tabu Search Approach for Milk Collection In Western Norway Using Trucks and Trailers
Speaker: Arild Hoff
Authors: Hoff, Lokketangen
Parallel session 19C: Discrete choice models III
Room: Nai Harn

Sequential Models for Mobility Decisions: Experimentation for the Holding Vehicles Choices
Authors: Chila, Russo

Biases In Discrete Choice Models
Speaker: Quentin K. Wan
Authors: Lo, Wan